• UTP Category 6 LSZH Cable,Network Cable
  • FTP Category 6 Indoor Cable,Network Cable
    FTP CAT6 Indoor
  • FTP Category 5e Indoor Cable,Network Cable
    FTP CAT5 Indoor Cable
  • UTP Category 5e Cable Outdoor Cable,Network Cable
    UTP CAT5E Outdoor Cable


Guangdong Simpact Technology Corp. specializes in the manufacturing, marketing and R&D of high quality, cost competitive Optical Fiber Cable, Telecommunication Cable, LAN Cable, special cables, Optical Fiber Accessories, Telecommunication Devices and Mobile Telecommunication Equipments. Over these years, we have been concentrating on providing integrated solutions for copper and fiber cables, accessories and telecommunication equipments' manufacturing, wireless optimization, transmission and connecting.


    • The 2011 Brazilian Exposec Sao Paulo exhibition
      Thanks Banquet for Success of SIMPACT Listed NTB Stock Market!
    • 2012 in Hanover, Germany Information and Communication Technology Exhibition
      Thanks Banquet for Success of SIMPACT Listed NTB Stock Market!
  • 28Apr
    Data: 28 Apr, 2018
    SIMPACT technology New equipment, new technology, new products, new beginning Ingenious ten years sword Produce product more excellence South Plaza Booth62810、62812
  • 28Apr
    Data: 28 Apr, 2018
    Annual CommunicAsia 2017 was held in Singapore which is one of the most famous countries in Asia on 23rd May 2017. As usual, Guangdong Simpact Technology Corp. attend this exhibition. CommunicAsia is