CES’s Highlight, Let’s Go to2018!

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From January 9 to 12, the 51st CES was held in Las Vegas.

CESthe full name is called International Consumer Electronics Show that it is held by American Consumer Technology AssociationCTA,It is for making the advanced electronic technology and modern life closer and closer.

   CES begin in 1967 and had been held 50th up to now.

It has became the biggest show platform for Global electronics companys to show their advanced technology and publish product information. It is the largest and most influential consumer electronics annual exhibition, and the consumer technology industry event with professional speciality, efficient trade and great reputation in the world.


The classic traditional consumer electric manufacture and IT core manufacture will promote the most advanced technology ideas and products which will be the new trend and attract number of  high-tech equipment enthusiasts, users and industry audience.

According to the statistics from CTA, it is probable that over 4500 companies will attend and registered member will be over 200 thousands in 2018CES. The number of people is increasing year by year.



  Why so many people come and what’s the highlight of CES:

  1.Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a widely concerned industry without doubt. The technical characteristic makes it have Wide range of applications.

2. 3.6mm 'wallpaper' TV

'wallpaper' TV, the newest OLED TV with only 0.36mm thickness which applies organic light-emitting diode technology that the color signal is directly displayed by the diode.

Nearly without visual angle problem with

More refined monitor, more vivid colors

3. Folding phone

Folding phone applies folding monitor which fully unfolded is about 5-7 inches (about 12.7-17.7 cm). 

4. Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), and Mixed Reality (MR)

5. Automotive Technology

   Unmanned technology will bring some of the latest design ideas for unmanned steam.

6. Wearable technology   

The development of a series of wearable technologies such as smart clothing and smart watches.

7. Advanced computer

  The new design concept and high-end equipment will be combined into a hybrid technology that can be used both as a tablet computer and as a laptop computer.

In addition, desktop computers and ultra-high-end iMac Pros seem to be able to compete.

8.  Chinese intelligent manufacturing.

   It’s about over 500 that over 10% Exhibitors is from Shenzhen. There are also 78 companies from Dongguan, and 44 companies is from Beijing.

9.  SIMPACT technology

New equipment, new technology, new products, new beginning

Ingenious ten years sword

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