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Our Team

Jointly involved in is Sibo operating the fountain of wisdom. The Simpact team as the main body to operate and expand the decision-making, the market demand and market a line. In order to give full play to their wisdom and potential, the company introduced the relevant policies to encourage employees to provide constructive comments and suggestions in the operation and management to jointly improve business decision-making mechanism, strive to promote the Simpact business growth. Vitality the team cause value a high degree of recognition passion, morale performance, fully embodies Simpact fighting as a team spirit and fighting ability.

Simpact team will adhere to the corporate belief, firmly believe that the mission of the enterprise, the company's core values into the business activities of enterprises, the formation of a strong corporate culture.

In future development on the road, the the Simpact team will continue to carry forward the same boat, and the spirit of common struggle to achieve harmony and understanding of the state in their careers, and become a true corporate family.