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Simpact’s Plan

Simpact’s Plan in the near Future
1. Enlarging and upgrading the production lines.
After becoming a public company, our business is expanding rapidly, and the scale of production is required to be enlarged. In order to meet the market demand of both domestic and overseas, to enrich the product range, and to increase the market share, we are planning to invest for expanding the current factory and upgrading the cable production lines.
After finishing the projects, the expected annual turnover will be more than 150 million USD, the profit will be more than 45 million USD and the tax will be more than 15 million USD.
Currently we purchased the most advanced and automatic production line Tandem Datacom Wire Insulation Line RD-A, from ROSENDAHL KNILL GRUPPE. This production line was made by the industry leader in Austria, inheriting the German industrial quality. Meanwhile, with this production line, we are doubling the current cable production capacity, producing high quality Cat6A to Cat8, developing from automated industry to intelligent production from the domestic leader to the leader in the world, starting the industry 4.0 ahead of the industry and keeping the priority of efficiency and quality.
2. Building up a team combining production, learning and researching together.
Simpact is always keeping technology innovation development as our core competitiveness of enterprise sustainable development. We raise technology as the driving power of enterprise sustainable development and adhere to the way of independent development, joint development and advanced development, and absorbed many prestigious experts and senior technical personnel.
In the period of R&D building, Simpact increased R&D investment to develop Optical Fibers Cables, Antennas and related communication equipments with independent intellectual property rights, won more patent certificates and improved the enterprise competitiveness.
3. Building up “E2E” online sales model.
With a professional technical team, rich brand management experience, and a large number of high-quality customers, Simpact is becoming a professional manufacturer with the most abundant products and the most advanced technical skills.

    Based on the development of the “E2E” platform and the standard management of public company, the expected annual turnover of the next year will be twice as 2016.