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CES2017 | Simpact technology

From:simpact date:2018-06-09

Consumer Electronics Show (Referred to as CES) which is known as the vane of innovation and technology industry was held in Las Vegas by American Consumer Technology Association (CTA). CES is the largest consumer electronics technology exhibition in the world and Simpact Technology attend this show of science and technology that communicate to industrial leader with Simpact’s communication product.

Mr. Weixu Chan,  the chairman of Guangdong Simpact technology Corp. lead the team to attend this exhibition with optical fiber, communication cable, mobile communication equipment, special optical cable and so on. Bring the slogan that “the full meter +1” to the American market. It is widely agreed and favored by foreign partners.

This exhibition attracted numerous potential customers. People on the exhibition is constantly communicated with Simpact Technology for further cooperation.

CES 2017 was one of the largest show in 2017 without doubt. In the changing trend of science and technology, only continuous innovation and reform, company will not be eliminated by the times. More and more Chinese enterprises attend CES. Including Huawei, ZTE, Simpact and so on. In the collision with foreign cultures, new sparks of research in the era are springing up and Simpact Technology can enter into international market by this way.